December 2021

7 steps to setup an online trivia game on Zoom

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Team Bonding has never been more important than today in a Covid world where remote working has become the new norm.

In pre Covid times, colleagues and teammates could bond during lunch breaks or at face to face meetings and events. This created team camaraderie and a high trust work environment among co-workers. This is important in order to have a highly effective team.

With the current Covid work environment, these informal but precious moments: a handshake between new team members, laughing together at lunch or finding common interests while chatting at the pantry. These moments become difficult to recreate through Zoom and Microsoft Teams virtual meetings.

However, the virtual meeting technology creates new opportunities. Team leaders can forge stronger relationships among team members by introducing informal games that can be played as part of team bonding. The online trivia game is one example of building trust and a sense of belonging with team members who continue to work in separate locations.

Here are the 7 steps to setup a successful online trivia game for an online meeting.

Setup an online trivia game
Build closer team relationships with an online Trivia game
Step 1: Choose a theme

The online trivia game seeks to transform a regular online meeting into a fun encounter among colleagues. It invokes conversations, jokes and laughter.

Choosing a relevant theme is the first step to having a successful online trivia game. The theme could be related to professional topics, or common interests, people or events.

Step 2: Research on interesting facts related to the theme

Use Google or your favorite search engine to research and find out more about your theme. You can use the 4Ws and 1H to find source material for your trivia. This are facts related to the Who, What, Where Why and How.

If there is a prior presentation during the online meeting, you can also use content and facts from that presentation to create interesting trivia to test your audience recollection.

Step 3: Select questions that you can create multiple choice answers

The key to an interesting trivia game is to have trivia questions with believable answers. Once you have your research material, select questions with 4 probable options. There should be at least 1 correct answer with 3 other options that are plausible but wrong.

Setup an online trivia game
Create online trivia games with
Step 4: Create the trivia game on

You can use one of the most popular and newest online trivia sites Here you can choose existing trivia topics for your online trivia game or create your own trivia question and answers.

This online trivia game is a game of speed and accuracy. All players begin play at the same time and the fastest person to answer the trivia question scores the highest points.

The overall winner is announced at the end of the game for the player with the highest score.

Step 5: Choose a date/time and send out the Zoom invite

You have created your own trivia game on and you have a game code. Now, just arrange for a date and time to play the trivia game. You can play the trivia game at the beginning of a meeting or at the end after the proper meeting agenda and presentations. Now get your players ready for a fun filled game.

Step 6: Join the Zoom meeting and share the rules

You can share the link to the trivia game with your players. This link contains the game code and players need only choose their player name. The join game link is also found under My Trivia

Anyone who joins the game can start the game proper so set some ground rules on who will start the trivia game. You can also share the format of the game. The fastest finger with the correct answer wins so players should read the trivia questions and answers carefully before selecting the right answer.

All players with the correct answer will be ranked for each question. The fastest player to answer the question correctly will score the highest points. During the trivia game, all players can review the ranking of every player throughout the game in the Scoreboard drop down list.

Step 7: Play your trivia game

That’s it. Have fun playing your trivia game and create new trivia games for different meetings, audiences and events.

Have fun!

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